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New REGRESSION LP "BLINDING CONFUSION" out June 25 on NNA TAPES and now available for order. Listen on Soundcloud.

Reviews for Nate Young "Between Worlds" out now on Black Moss (sound sample)

"If you've been lucky enough to catch his live set this last year, you'll no doubt already know [Young] is one of the most captivating and individual characters on the electronic scene today, so needless to say our expectations were pretty high for this latest addition to the Regression series... In all, it almost sounds like a new chapter from Young, making use of a much cleaner pallette, yet somehow still inducing those chills he's become so good at triggering. Highly recommended."


"Absolutely mind-blowing!! Between Worlds - the new "Regression" chapter from Nate Young, gives room to synthesizers and organ in the moulding of an eerie and unprecedented "ambient" soundscape somewhat distant from the brute assault of his past works, though the suspence and creepy atmosphere of his "Regression(s)" remains the same. This is the ultimate proof that Nate Young actually found his Sound: imagine something between European deviated concrete music tradition of the seventies, like Michel Chion in "Requiem", and the most disturbing and weird Italian library recordings. Cover artwork by Nate Young himself."


"Fry up this cold cut from Bologna, Italy's Black Moss label. Wolf Eyes brooder, Nate Young, brings us his fifth Regression with Between Worlds. The twist, this time, is that instead of simply constructing dark, creepy synth music, Young overtly channels a dark, creepy synth music tradition. Basically "Blind Corner" has enough of a Fulci/Goblin vibe to merit logical release on an Italian label. Inquire within if you're looking for the perfect soundtrack to your shag-carpetted orgy/bloodbath this weekend. Regression: Between Worlds is out now on Black Moss."


Reviews for "Regression Volume 3" on rockatansky records:

"...this might be the heaviest/sickest volume of the series to date, crossing minimal analogue synth violence with thunder cracks of metal percussion ala the early Akita/Null Merzbow duets, classic 70s sci-fi/horror atmospherics, massively doomy beat hypnotics and an atmosphere that's somewhere between the most apocalyptic Throbbing Gristle recordings, Coil's Musick To Play In The Dark, The Conet Project and your favourite Kraut kosmonaut. Something more 'hands on' about this particular volume that gives it the feel of a kind of post-synth electro- acoustic ritual, albeit tied-in with a visionary compositional aesthetic that is a couple of miles beyond your average weird-beard in a basement non-vibe. Highly recommended."
David Keenan - Volcanic Tongue
Nate Young - Regression Vol 3 Other Days (album preview) by Experimedia

Young's solo LP Stay Asleep, was released on November 2011.

De Stijl Records released the Stare Case debut LP Lose Today on September 13, 2011.

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SHOWS 2013

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Regression Europe Tour 2013

10.10 LV, Riga @ Skanu Mesz Festival
11.10 DK, Copenhagen @ Mayhem
13.10 DE, Berlin @ Urban Spree
14.10 PL, Krakow @ Unsound Festival
16.10 IL, Jerusalem @ Uganda
17.10 IL, Tel Aviv @ Levontin 7
18.10 CH, Lausanne @ LUFF Festival
19.10 IT, Torino @ Velvet
20.10 IT, Rome @ Dal Verme
22.10 IT, Milan @ Birrificio La Cruda
23.10 NL, Amsterdam @ OCCII
24.10 BE, Antwerp @ Stadslimiet
25.10 HU, Budapest @ Kontra - Trafo House of contemporary Art
26.10 UK, London @ Cafe OTO

July 10 - Regression @ Home Sweet Home, NYC

June 30 - Hatred (Regression/Nate Young) @ The Terminal, Oakland
June 28 - Jean Street (Nate Young) @ The Lab 2948 16th Street, San Francisco
June 27 - Jean Street (Nate Young) @ LCM Oakland, 8th st and Peralta
June 22 - Stare Case, Tiger Hatchery @ MUG Reggae Night, Detroit
June 20 - Stare Case @ Casa del Popolo, Montreal
June 19 - Stare Case @ Holy Oak, Toronto

May 31 - Regression at Chaos in Tejas @ North Door, Austin, TX
May 6 - Moon Pool & Dead Band at Debacle Fest, Seattle
May 4 - Nate Young Regression at Debacle Fest, Seattle

April 17 - NL, Arnhem @ Willemeen
April 18 - BE, Antwerp @ Trix, w/ The Soft Moon
April 19 - DE, Bremen @ Friese
April 20 - CH, Neuchatel @ Queen Kong Club
April 21 - CH, Geneva @ L'Usine
April 22 - BE, Brussels @ Magasin4
April 23 - UK, London @ Corsica Studios
April 24 - PT, Lisbon @ ZDB
April 25 - DE, Berlin @ Festsaal
April 26 + 27 - FR, Paris @ Instant Chavires
April 28 - NL, Amsterdam @ OCCII, w/ Sightings

April 7 - Nate Young, Jason Lescalleet, Spencer Yeh trio collab, Lescalleet solo, Pharmakon, Sugarm at 285 Kent, Brooklyn
April 6 - Nate Young Regression, Eli Keszler, Monopoly Child Star Searchers, Sugarm at 285 Kent, Brooklyn

March 29 - Wolf Eyes, Chelsea Light Moving at the Magic Stick, Detroit

February 9 - Moon Pool & Dead Band, Ritual Howls at Trinosophes, Detroit
February 6 - Nate Young Regression at Wierd, NYC

SHOWS 2012

December 31 - Interdimensional New Year with Shake, BMG, Moon Pool & Dead Band, Erika at Tandem Gallery, Detroit
December 6 - Swedish Energies at Issue Project Room

May 18-20 - Wolf Eyes at Three Days of Struggle
Coda Lunga, Vittorio Veneto, Italy

Regression Europe Tour:
April 13 - Lisbon @ ZDB
April 14 - Madrid @ LA CASA ENCENDIDA
April 16 - Brussels @ Les Ateliers Claus
April 17 - Paris @ Instant Chavires
April 18 - London @ The Victoria
April 19 - Marseille @ L'Embobineuse
April 20 - Lyon @ Grrrnd Zero
April 21 - Barcelona @ Espai Cultural

March 8 - Regression, Container, Morphosis, Siobhan, MUG, Detroit

Feb 17 - Nate Young with Jim O'Rourke at Superdeluxe, Roppongi, Tokyo

Feb 25 - Nate Young Regression, Incapacitants, K2, Burried Machine, Soup, Shinjuku, Tokyo

SHOWS 2011

Nate Young Regression touring with Drainolith (Alex Moskos of Aids Wolf, Thames, etc.)
Nov 17 - Iowa City, IA @ 731 E. Washington St.
Nov 18 - Kansas Cty, MO @ tba
Nov 19 - Denver, CO @ Rhinoceropolis
Nov 20 - Albuqurque, NM @ Small Engine Gallery
Nov 21 - Phoenix, AZ @ Yellow Canary Dance Hall
Nov 22 - San Diego, CA @ Keva Lounge
Nov 23 - Los Angeles, CA @ tba
Nov 25 - Los Angeles, CA @ Dem Passwords
Nov 26 - Los Angeles, CA - AA Records Art Show @ Exilo Studios
Nov 27 - San Francisco, CA @ The Lab
Nov 28 - Sacramento, CA @ tba
Nov 29 - Portland, OR @ Ella St. Social Club
Nov 30 - Seattle, WA @ tba
Dec 1 - Missoula, MT @ Zombie Tools
Dec 3 - Minneapolis, MN @ tba
Dec 4 - Madison, WI @ tba
Dec 5 - Chicago, IL @ tba
Dec 6 - Detroit, MI @ MUG

Oct 8 WOLF EYES at VIA FEST Pittsburg
More info here.

(N.Young and J.Olson of Wolf Eyes)
September 21 with Drainolith, Bee Mask at El Club, 4114 W. Vernor, Detroit


Wednesday Sept 7th Baltimore Str8 Cavin, 3rd Floor, Copycat

Friday Sept 9th OUTPOST (near old silent barn) 1665 Norman Street, Ridgewood NY, 11385 ( EARLY GIG OVER BY 10PM!!)

Saturday 10th L.A.R.P event at The Silver Shed check for more info

Sunday Sept 11 Pittsburg The Shop, Dynamo Sound Collective Presents

Monday 12th Oberlin, OH Three Door Studios 121 South Main

Tuesday Sept 13 Columbus Skylab

Weds Sept 14 Chicago Ball Hall

Thursday Sept 15 Detroit Warehouse 1018

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(N.Young of Wolf Eyes and D.Shettler of SSM, Rodriguez)

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